Tammy Bixby ~ Literacy Volunteers

"Excellent! ... I’ll be sure to let you know about other projects as they come up.

Thank you! !!"

Shortly after the flyer project, my niece, Tammy, asked me to design a certificate of appreciation for the organization to give to their volunteers. The coupon at the bottom was for their annual "Coffee & Chocolate" event at Shey’s Buffalo Theater. They gave me two tickets for the event in appreciation for my work.

Rick Queeno

I featured my brother, Rick, in a newsletter article when he ran in the Boston Marathon in 2010.

"I think it reads well and the entire newsletter is good and appealing with multiple topics."

Randy Wall, MBA, CFP®

Magazine advertisement

"That’s perfect. You re-arranged just the right amount to use all the elements, but make it more fluid. I love it."

Kim Naus ~ GED teacher

"What a great job as always! You never stop amazing me with your talents."

Aileen Coronado ~ Hair Stylist/Business owner

Before & After

This sign was the first of many projects I did for Aileen Coronado.

Eight years later she moved her business to Delaware Ave.—still in Kenmore, NY.
My most recent project for the salon was a "weekly specials" banner. That was done in time for the trade show I mentioned on the Home page.
Note the different color scheme. She was using black and red for her corporate colors, but with the move, she also changed her colors to plumville and silver.



Cathy Queeno-Wall ~ MA, SLP

(Business card)

"You’re awesome. ... The frequency wave is great."

"You came up with some great ideas. If I had taken my request to a printer in town, they would have just duplicated what I handed them."

(There was a mistake in the text)

"Thanks Jim, looks great :)

...I appreciate your taking care of it quickly. It will be nice to have some cards this week with all the meetings I’ll be going to, and again at the convention. (WSHA is the Washington State Speech-Hearing Association, kind of the state level agency for SLP’s)."

Curt Young and Robbin Servos

DVD cover design

Curt Young

"JIM! That’s AWESOME!"

Robbin Servos

"you continue to amaze and delight!"