I have done many projects including business cards, flyers, brochures, signs, banners and logos for businesses and individuals. Although advertising is the main focus of On Q Graphic Design, you don't necessarily have to be a business owner to benefit from the services I offer. For example, photo editing is something everyone needs from time to time. Do your photos sometimes come out too dark or off-colored? Or maybe you have a shoebox full of old, faded, and damaged photographs in the attic. Photo restoration and digital conversion can save your precious family heirlooms.
Parties, events, portraits, novelty and special effects for any occasion - On Q graphic Design has a focus on photography!

Greeting cards for all occasions:

In this shot the sky was completely washed out - a common problem on bright sunny days. Because of the severity of over-exposure, there was nothing that could be done with simple adjustments. The sky needed to be replaced. I used part of another shot from the same day as a replacement background for this one.

The following Before & After demos are from July 19, 2018.

Photo Editing
Photo editing is one of my specialties.

Personalized Post cards by On Q Graphic Design

There's a great view of the city from the observation deck that goes all the way around the 28th floor of City Hall. This shot of City Hall was taken from the other side of the Buffalo River, near the Lighthouse.